Skrywer Argiewe: Brian Chick

Interim Management Team meets in Toronto

The acting CrisisCommons management team gathered in Toronto last week to start building a roadmap for the future of the organization. Facilitated by Robin White of the Meridian Institute and attended by nine CrisisCommons volunteers, die bespreking het gewissel van doel stellings, bestuur, potensiële vennootskappe, en inlywing. In bywoning was Andrew Turner, Deborah Shaddon, Chad Catacchio, Jacob Greer, Pascal Schuback, Chris “Spike” Foote, Brian Chick, David Swart en Patrice Cloutier.

Aangebied deur David Swart en die Universiteit van Toronto, representatives came from all over the U.S. and even Europe for the two-day event. Workgroup leads presented their reports, saam met die doelwitte en planne oor hoe om elke komitee vorentoe moet beweeg. Na 'n gesprek, plans were finalized and committments were made.

Perhaps the most important part of the discussion was the current status of the incorporation process. CrisisCommons has been an ad-hock network of volunteers for nearly three years now, and it became obvious that a legal entity of some sort must be created. Pascal Schuback took the lead on that and has been dealing with a lawyer provided by the Woodrow Wilson Center to help us through the process of becoming a non-profit corporation. Binnekort, wanneer die papierwerk afgehandel is, sommige lede teenwoordig by hierdie vergadering sal die eerste raad van direkteure vir die geïnkorporeer CrisisCommons geword.

Meer besonderhede sal volg, maar moet asseblief nie huiwer om enige iemand wat dit bygewoon het vir meer besonderhede te kontak.

An Open Letter from Sahana’s Mark Prutsalis

Heather and Noel

First and foremost:  Thank you!

Your shared vision, passie en energie CrisisCommons 'n volhoubare krag vir die goeie in die wêreld.  We will all miss your active leadership in the CrisisCommons community.  I know you will be incredibly successful at whatever you decide to apply yourself to in life.

I wanted to share with the community how I became one of the first CrisisCampers, bywoning van die eerste CrisisCamp DC gebeurtenis in Junie 2009. Dit het gekom, gepas genoeg, deur middel van Twitter.  I had become increasingly aware of the planned CrisisCamp through its promotion on twitter by those like-minded individuals interested in helping the victims of disaster with technologya field I have been in for close to 20 (gasp!) years now.  But I wasn’t planning on attendingit being all the way in Washington, DC and me living so far away (spur sarcasm) in Brooklyn, NYuntil one of my own Sahana community members from India tweeted me asking whether I was going to go to the CrisisCamp.  It made me pause and think that this event might be different, if people from half way around the world had heard of it and were interested in attendingan event I had considered until that time to be a very insular and too inside-the-beltway focused to be of any value.  So I took a look at the eventbrite link (which is still up there today:

What struck me about the event was not just the vision and agenda for the event, but who was coming that marked it as significantwith significant representation from the US Government, the World Bank, technology companies, academic and research groups, and an incredible number of individuals with experiencesome of these people I knew personally, others I knew of professionally and others I wanted to get to know.  So I made plans to attend, packed up my family in the car and drove to DC for the weekend.  At the Ignite sessions on Friday evening at the World Bank, I met Noel and Heather for the first time, and we’ve since become close allies professionally and friends personally.  Along with Andrew, they share a vision for a Commons and have always balanced well the need for leadership with the independence of the community.
Soms het ek gedink dat hulle nodig het om te stap en meer beslissende oor die maak van besluite – maar hulle het nie verstaan ​​hul rol is om mense te bring na die tafel – nie te rig.  CrisisCommons has become a far more resilient and successful organization than I could ever have imagined because of the blood, sweat and tears that they put into it.

And it has spurned on other efforts such as Random Hacks of Kindness and the Standby Task Force.

I know this is not a community that feels comfortable directly credit at individuals, but every time someone attends a CrisisCamp, a RHOK, a GWOB hackathon, or supports a deployment of the Standby Task Force, they have Heather and Noel to thank, in part, for that opportunity to make the world a better place.

I know I do.

Love bombs right back at you.

Best regards,

Thank You, Heather!

CrisisCommons would like to thank Heather Blanchard for her vision and commitment to the organization. Sy is instrumenteel in die bou van die organisasie van sy ontstaan ​​tot die globale netwerk het dit. We wish her the best in her academic endeavours and assure the community that the goals and ambitions of CrisisCommons will continue to be pursued, with the leadership of the Interim Management Team.

Heather was a visionary and a founder, and co-founder Noel Dickover (beide op die regte met Andrew Turner, ook 'n mede-stigter); CrisisCommons sal voortgaan om vorentoe te beweeg, bou haar visie, en maak haar trots.

Thank you, Heather and Noel and good luck!