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Goudou Goudou : ignored the voices of reconstruction in Haiti

A web of Giordano Cossu and Benedict Cassegrain gives voice to Haitian journalists. (through SiliconManiacs)

Goudou Goudou, ignored the voices of the reconstruction-Haiti

Monday 10 January, Benedict Cassegrain and Giordano Cossu, were present at La Cantine their webdocumentaire Goudou Goudou : ignored the voices of the reconstruction, on reconstruction in Haiti. It will be released on 12 January on RFI, one year to the day after the earthquake, and accessible and

Goudou Goudou is the name given by Haitians to the earthquake, sometimes they call "the thing". The term is an onomatopoeia, it denotes the sound of the earth shake, which is "goudougoudougoudougoudou ...".

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The presentations of the second CrisisCamp @ The Canteen

This second meeting was held CrisisCamp Paris on 1 October at The Canteen, form of informal meeting between the stakeholders of the urgency, whether professional or voluntary, or volunteers.

While in Paris on the OWF, the founders of the U.S. CrisisCamp, Dickov Noel and Heather Blanchard have told at that meeting, their experiences and visions of CrisisCamp. After a quick round where everyone showed up briefly, The meeting was structured around the presentation topics and workshops offered by participants and organizers of the day.

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Video: The Internet emergency, What's that ?

Video, performed by Benoit Cassegrain (WebReporter) during the first Barcamp on emergency Internet, in association with the Global Network CrisisCommons, the 24 April 2010, digital Canteen (Silicon Sentier).
1er Crisis Camp Paris

[dailymotion id=xdjvzi]